• Quincey Dern

A Guide To Emojis (As Determined By Gen-Z)

By Quincey Dern

Emoji: ❤️

Use: To soften the blow of an insult or constructive commentary.

Example: “No❤️” vs. “❤️”: The first is sarcasm. A - respectful - disapproval of someone or something. The latter is a classic form of endearment. One should never be fooled. Keep caution and always assume a member of GenZ is being sarcastic.

Emoji: 😭

Use: One cannot handle the humor so much so they are sobbing with laughter.

Example: “STOP I- 😭” - this translates to “I’m laughing so hard I’m speechless and crying”. Though they’re probably just laying in bed with an emotionless expression - but that’s due to a distorted sense of humor GenZ has developed through TikTok..

Emoji: 😂

Use: This should be used IRONICALLY. One should never trust someone who texts ‘😂’ unironically.


  • What not to do: “Haha 😂”

  • What to do: “Yeah, I fell and my knee shattered 😂”.

Emoji(s): 👁👄👁

Use: “I have no words”

Example: One receives an absurd video, image or message that is simultaneously funny, outrageous and/or confusing. They can respond with “👁👄👁”.

Emoji(s): 😘😍😩

Use: These three - and variations of them - are most often used as humorous exaggerations.

Example: “I love having the flu 😍” - No they don't. No one does 😍. It’s a completely random and unrelated emoji that transforms a simply sarcastic text into a funnier message.

Emoji: ✨

Use: To spice up a text or even just add pizazz to words.

Example: “I have a dentist’s appointment” - the dull outing is now semi-funny (at least through text).

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