• Colin Yuan

Amazon Debuts Next-Gen Ring Drone Equipped With Ak-47s, Deemed “Revolutionary”

By Colin Yuan

Seattle, WA - Amazon’s Ring company, specializing in military-grade home defense systems, just announced their latest and greatest Ring Drone 2, now equipped with AK-47s. Initial reviews were positive; Marques Brownlee, a tech reviewer, tested it at the Los Angeles Air Force Base and he commented: “Home defense just got real!” Another fellow YouTuber, Linus Tech Tips, uploaded a video called “Good luck selling doorbells, Nest!” A minority of customers were concerned with the potential risks of owning such a drone, but the company issued a statement that resolved their concerns: “If the drone starts to act crazy, remember that we at Amazon can always turn it off and on!” Amazon is optimistic that the Ring Drone 2 will sell like hotcakes and that this fleet of drones will boost both their power and control in the US market.

We reached out to a couple early customers about the Ring Drone 2:

Maya Mayas, a freelancer: “Nothing gives me a peace of mind than Amazon’s new military grade drone - I even sleep better at night hearing it patrolling around my house!”

Patrick Bradshaw, a professional hiker: “Now nobody will steal my Clif bars ever again!”