• Leila Pagel

Exclusive Interview with Harvard-Westlake Science Teacher Ms. Park

By Leila Pagel

In an attempt to get to know our teachers better during these times of online learning, we had our reporter conduct an interview with Ms. Park, a science teacher at the Upper School. The slightly edited (okay, very heavily edited) interview follows.

Leila Pagel: What are your feelings towards chickens?

Ms. Park: I like [...] the dead kind. They’re tasty [... ,] a bit creepy [... ,] have weird-looking faces, and they [...] run around with their heads cut off.

LP: What is your favorite color and why?

Ms. P: My favorite color is [...] pretty much everything in my house [...], and I probably have 10+ [...] t-shirts that all look [...] the same. I’d also love a [...] kitchen, [...] I will be able to afford one soon, though I will probably have to get a second [...] to[o].

LP: What is your clearest memory from elementary school?

Ms. P: I remember [...] my first [...] choice [...] in the first grade [...]. At that time, I had never taken a [...] choice [...] before, so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. [...] Oops.

LP: What is the most exciting encounter you have had with an animal?

Ms. P: I would say that it’s meeting [...] Simba [...]. I found him on Craigslist [...] for free. He was (still is) a bit crazy and scary when I first brought him home, [...] I was disappointed at the time, but [...] he’s the best.

LP: What is your favorite food and why?

Ms. P: My favorite food is ice [...], do I really need to explain why? I’m sure it’s your favorite food, too [...]. I would live on ice [...] and ice [...] only if I could.

LP: If you had the resources to start a restaurant, what would it be like?

Ms. P: Oooh [... ,] idea [... !] I’d want to open a salad [...] drive [...]! Drive[...]s are super [...], but it’s hard to find [... cars] that have [...] options [for salad].

LP: What was your least favorite subject in school?

Ms. P: Hmmm [...] I just remember [...] getting all sweaty in the middle of the day [... ,] feeling icky [...]. Boo.

LP: What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

Ms. P:I have [...] one that you’ll [...] find odd. [...] I reaaaaally hate sticker residue. Whenever I buy [...] mayonnaise [...], you get [...] it off using your [...] nails, and then [...] soap.

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