• Colin Yuan

Ten Tips to Deal with Skyrocketing Southern California Gas Prices

By Colin Yuan

The Elbow reports on the economy.

STUDIO CITY, CA - I’m sure you have all noticed, but lately gas prices have been going up, up, and up. According to USA Today, gas prices now are actually the most expensive they have ever been in US history. To help cope with these nutty prices, the editorial staff here at The Elbow has compiled a list of tips that you may find useful to save some gas money.

  1. Don’t go to work. They say less is more.

  2. Start an OnlyFans.

  3. Tell your dog to quit being a lazy bum and lug you, carriage style.

  4. Turn off your ignition at red lights.

  5. Don’t stop at stop signs.

  6. Complain and moan about it. That always works.

  7. Invade Saudi Arabia.

  8. Wake up at an ungodly hour to manually adjust the gas prices yourself. You’re doing society a favor.

  9. Buy a Tesla.

  10. Become Amish.

Anndddd there they are! 10 helpful tips to help get you through these hard times.