• Will Samuels

Kanye's Party

By Will Samuels

When I first heard that Kanye was planning a birthday party, I got so excited. Kanye is my inspiration so I really hoped that Kanye would invite me to the party. Then, when I found out that Kanye was holding the party for the entire United States, I was elated. My first birthday party! But I think that this party is too big because planning it has really seemed to take a toll on Kanye’s wellbeing. Kanye had a public meltdown because I think he killed his daughter or something. I don’t really know, it seems like Kanye is just making excuses to get out of planning the party. After this, Kanye started planning the birthday party from Wyoming, which was very baffling. I mean, why Wyoming? Wyoming is probably only in my top 47 states. Amidst all of this, all of a sudden Kim Kardashian wants to divorce Kanye. We all know that Kim Kardashian is a very distinguished person, but all of a sudden I’ve lost a lot of respect for her for not believing in Kanye’s dream to throw a birthday party. Since then, Kanye’s focus has shifted entirely away from throwing the birthday party, which has been pretty demoralizing for me. Specifically, Kanye’s primary focus is now making a shoe in collaboration with Derrick Rose. This move was also very confusing to me because Derrick Rose isn’t even an All-Star. Why would you make a shoe with Derrick Rose instead of Lebron James? Are you kidding me??!! At this point, I don’t want to go to Kanye’s party anymore.